Spec Labs El Rey Record Show Teaser


Spectrum Laboratory hosted a musical extravaganza for artists on the autism spectrum that was performed at the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles.
This is a teaser video I edited for Spectrum Laboratory's Facebook page.
January 2019


Ben Avchen's The Birds (Parody)

December 2018
A fun video I filmed and edited after I saw a ton of crows. I couldn't help but think of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds as they flew all around me. Because of it, I was inspired to make my own rendition.

Spectrum Laboratory and Atypical Casting Session

A collaboration between Netflix's "Atypical" and Spectrum Laboratory, helping to pave the way for actors on the autism spectrum.
Edited a video promoting Netflix’s Atypical and Spectrum Laboratory.
September 2018

Joey Travolta and Inclusion Film Camps West Hills Screening

Edited a video about a screening that took place during Joey Travolta's Inclusion Film Camps.

"Big Big Heart" Original Music Video

"Big Big Heart" is an original music video produced by Spectrum Laboratory and performed by autistic singer Chelsea Cathcart.
This was a wonderful little video I edited together for Spectrum Laboratory's annual "Spec Fest" event, which empowers those on the autism spectrum.
May 2018

CHIME INSTITUTE Promotional Video

April 2018
A collaboration between CHIME Academy and Spectrum Laboratory. This is a promotional video I edited for them.


Evil Buzzy and the Soup Store

Dr. Stingy Bee calls upon Evil Buzzy #2 on his cell phone to ask him for a favor, but what results is nothing more than frustration, yelling, and soup.

This was an animation I produced based off of a parody of the soup store scene from Code MENT Episode 16 by Purple Eyes. It took quite some time to make, but I feel it turned out quite nicely.
December 2017

A Little Faith

A Little Faith, a short film by Caroline Partyka that I edited and color corrected. It was the first short film I ever exported in full 4K.
December 2017

Bates Final Showdown

A video I helped direct and edit with Anthony Bates for Columbia College Hollywood's 48 Hour Film Challenge where participants are given a prompt and must make a film within 48 hours. 
Anthony has had his final straw with fighting inanimate objects. So for his last one, he fights none other than himself. It's actually pretty epic and we had alot of fun making it.
November 2017


Picaphagia is a comedic short film about 5 disorderly people who attend a support group for people with Picaphagia, meaning to eat food off the floor.
It's a film I wrote, directed, and edited for my Directing 1 class.
June 2017

The Bulls from Hell

The Bulls from Hell is a short film directed by Anthony Bates. We filmed this one in North Hollywood on a $500 budget one I believe to be Anthony's most ambitious. Also one of the darkest films I've edited.
Five prison inmates have an opportunity presented by their current warden to get time off their prison sentences. However, what they don't realize is that where they will be going next is run by the world's most dangerous criminals.
May 2017


Royal vs Simi Game 2016 Trailer

This is a trailer I edited leading up to the hyped Royal vs Simi cross town rivalry football game, showing off the previous football games from 2015, 2014, and the beloved 2013 game.
November 2016

The Royal Footloose

This was a music video I made for my Editing Genres class. The purpose of the assignment was to create a music video telling a story. This inspired me to tell the story about how dancing was banned where I went to high school. I took stock footage from a lot of my past projects, videos of us dancing, and I even found vine posts of footage I have never seen of us before.
October 2016

Just a bit Buzzzy

This was a little short animation I made using Toon Boom Harmony. It is a parody based off of a video called "Just a bit Crazy" by Eddsworld.
July 2016

The Anti-Vertical Video Man

This is a short video I made for my Principles of Production class at Columbia College Hollywood. It was the first video I ever edited using Avid Media Composer.
March 2016


Basketball Battle

Basketball Battle is a short film I wrote, directed, and edited for my Film Television Media Camera Production class at Moorpark College.
April 2015

Moorpark College - Lost and Found PSA 

A Public Service Announcement about Moorpark College's Lost and Found I edited for my Film Television Media Camera Production class.
March 2015

William Shapesphere's Cross Calamity

William Shapesphere (yes, Shapesphere) a local tourist, decides to claim the top of a hill. But in order to make it his, he must destroy a piece of it's property, the cross on the hill. Why does he need to destroy this cross? The world may never know.
This was a video collaboration with Jeremy Hall.
February 2015


The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away is the 2nd short film I have done. The project was started late September 2014 and finished November 2014. 
In the suburban city of Sunnydale, two secret agents named Jack and Charlie are called and given a job to track down a dangerous terrorist who is disguised as a college professor who poses a threat to a community college.
November 2014

THIS IS IT - Senior Memories

THIS IS IT is my first short film ever! I poured alot into the making of this film a month before I graduated high school and wanted to share my experiences in the form of an 11 minute short film.
I still think to this day this remains my magnum opus (even though this was made when I was still in high school).
June 2014

The Promposal 2014

My high school promposal had to be great for I keep my standards high. This was a video 8 months in planning and I knew exactly what my vision was. With the help of some friends, we filmed this in 3 days. Even though the edit was done, the whole thing had to tie together in real life where as this video was playing, I'd walk into the classroom at the exact cue. This is The Promposal.
May 2014

Group Meeting: Eating Food Off the Floor

Group Meeting: Eating Food Off the Floor is an old demand film I edited for my Advanced Video Production class.
A group of people have a meeting to discuss their obsessions with a rare eating disorder of eating food off the floor.
April 2014

Teen vs Cow

Five teenagers find themselves lost in a California national park with very little supplies on them and no food.
This video was shot originally as a casual vlog during mountain bike season when I was on the mountain bike team in high school. We came across a cow and the rest was history. I decided to use my editing skills to turn this into a narrative.
April 2014


MALFUNCTION is an old demand video I edited for my Advanced Video Production class.
Mark, a high school student, breaks a school computer that malfunctions right in front of him. To avoid getting in trouble, he attempts to fix the computer.
February 2014

They Don't Care About Us (MJ Tribute Video)

The One That Got Away

A Tribute Music Video to Michael Jackson's They Don't Care About Us that I edited.

This video was directed by Efren Balam, a talented dancer and Michael Jackson enthusiast.
January 2014
May 2018

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